This depends on several factors such as how many pages you have, whether you require eCommerce and other workloads are taken into account. Together we can negotiate a suitable completion date that is in line with your project needs and the workload to complete.

Initially, we will have a free consultation, then research will take place to see what your competitors are doing and do ensure your website is trending with your industry, afterwards mock designs will be drafted before being turned into functioning webpages. After some reviews and changes your website will be finalised and launched, this means it will go live. After that, we will support your website and web hosting to ensure your everything runs smoothly.

Your website can be altered at any point. Work required once your website is live is charged at an hourly rate.

We use WordPress to build all of our websites. Through a careful selection, we are able to offer a solid performing solution to provide small business websites without the huge price tags.

Before you are given a quote you will be asked to fill out a website brief to allow us to gather all the information we need to make you the best website possible. The website brief allows us to understand your competition, websites you like as well as the goals of your website.

Unless otherwise agreed payments are required to pay in full before work can begin with 50% counting as a non-refundable deposit. On some occasions stages payments will be considered; this consists of full payment being made in three stages.

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. This could be an important factor with Google rankings; all websites have an SSL certificate as standard.

In a nutshell, you are the owner of your website, so you can have full access should you want it. However, we recommend that only the necessary type of user is created for your needs. An example could be an author account for you to update your blog. Training and support is also available should you wish to update and edit sections of your page on a regular basis, like your shop or events calendar.

This is perfectly fine. In this instance, you would need to contact us so that we can arrange the best type of configuration for you.

Although AllSafe will endeavour to help with imagery and graphic design as best as possible; we also recommend some trusted professionals who can quote work for more expert results.

At this moment in time, AllSafe Web Development do not offer digital marketing or SEO. However, there is an excellent free course by Google which teaches everything you need to know to be familiar with digital marketing.

AllSafe will complete comprehensive on-page SEO, however, SEO is an ongoing process and if you have a budget you should look into expert services that can help drive traffic to your website. If you need help finding a credible company please ask.

After 12 months your website will be due a renewal fee, this covers your web hosting, domain name, email accounts as well as administration support. The price of your renewal is subject to change depending on the amount of web space you are using. If the size of your website is under 3GB you can expect to pay a one-off payment of £200 a year, which is the equivalent of £16.66 a month.