·         Pursue environmental best practice in all operations and inform and encourage our colleagues, suppliers and customers accordingly.

·         Continuously strive to reduce the consumption of energy, fuel and resources in the running of the business.

·         Endeavour, with continuous reviews, to re-use or recycle things instead of replacing with new.

·         Select equipment and consumables that fully takes into account any environmental impact.

·         Ensure all recyclables are sorted and sent to responsible recycling facilities.

·         Dispose of equipment and consumables responsibly and direct for reuse, repair or recycling.

·         Ensure that potentially hazardous waste is disposed of using recommended procedures.

·         Whenever possible use and encourage others to use electronic communication in place of delivery of mail or goods and only print documents if unavoidable.

·         Whenever possible to walk, use bicycles or share transport to and from work.

·         Consider any business activity of our suppliers which involves our company and which may be harmful to the environment and openly discuss what action can be taken to improve.


·         All website hosting is stored on green servers (SiteGround) within the UK.

·         SiteGrounds 100% renewable energy match. “Our main data partner Google Cloud matches 100% the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality”